Our approach is different

At Simple Living Spaces, we do not believe in achieving perfection; we believe in helping our clients find what works for them. Our goal is for you to feel confident in your organizational skills and encouraged to make real change. The idea of tackling an organizational project can make you want to run and hide. Whether it's responding to a mountain of email requests for your small business, or attempting to find your shoes in the morning - the smallest of tasks can easily become overwhelming and frustrating. At Simple Living Spaces, we believe in “meeting folks where they’re at” and understanding who they are as people as the groundwork for developing an organizational plan.

Our guiding principle is our sessions are client-led – we are not in the business of making people feel uncomfortable or ashamed. We work with everyday folks who wish to improve a space in their life – whether it be cleaning out a garage space to start a new hobby or developing more time for social media promotion of their small business. Everyone has the capacity to be more organized, it is a matter of doing it in a way that suits to you.


Single Day Sessions
$240 – 4 hours
$360 – 6 hours

Discounted Packages
$648 – Two 6 Hour Sessions
$918 – Three 6 Hour Sessions
$1152 – Four 6 Hour Sessions 

Getting started

Step 1

Schedule a free phone consultation for 30 minutes. We will discuss the type of projects you have in mind and the areas that are causing you the most concern. 

Step 2

We will meet for an in person consultation to develop our action plan. I will visit your home or business to learn about what you would like to accomplish. I will  determine how long our project may take and develop a project plan for us to accomplish together. In person consultations may take 60 to 90 minutes for $60.

Step 3

Following our action plan and our agreed upon timeframes, we will work together to complete you organizational project. 


Project Photos Coming Soon.....